Saturday, March 12, 2011

Desk Set

I did a little straightening up while in my CHALLENGE room.  Put misc items into boxes, stacked some boxes, went through some boxes.  I found some stuff in there that I had forgotten about. 
I had purchased these at The Dollar Tree way back in May with the hopes of pazazzing them.  Well, many things in life distracted me and they were stuffed deep into a crevice of junk.  I couldn't wait to pull them out, plus my paper stash, and get going at recovering my goodies.

I got my good ol' standbys out.  You already know I have tons of ribbon.  I've also got tons of scrapbooking paper....and I haven't scrapbooked in over a year (  What a great way to use up some of this cute paper and ribbon before they go completely out of style.

I grabbed my Modge Podge (I'm in Love!) and paintbrushes and got to work. 

First thing that I did was trace the magnets onto the paper that I wanted.  I loved these vintage animals and they were the perfect size.  After cutting out my circles, I Modged Podged the top surface of my magnets, and firmly, yet very carefully, placed a cut circle shape on.  I had to do a lot of resmoothing to make sure there were no creases since the magnet had a slight curve to it. Once the paper was safely in place, I Modge Podged the top of the paper.  Viola!  That was done.

I next tackled the notebook.  That was fairly simple.  I measured the size I would need to cut from my paper and again, used my Modge Podge and glued my paper onto both the front and back cover.  I added some extra of the sticky stuff just to give the notebook a more finished look, let it dry and then added some ribbon on both the front and back cover to hide the seams. 

I used some of that oober sticky runners tape for the ribbon, just to be safe.

Next was the gadget holder.  Okay, really, what is it called?  The catch all?  I wasn't sure at first how I was going to make the paper stick but got to thinking..."If I use the runner, it might also attracked dirt to it."  So, the tape runner was out.  Might as well try Modge Podge.  AGAIN!  Guess what?  Worked like a charm.  I covered the paper with the stuff, pressed it to the inside surface, added some glue to the outside and pressed best I could into the crevices.  Then, I rubbed it onto the other side of my paper for the finishing effect.

Cute!!!  I seriously am so excited with how it turned out.  Maybe I should have used more contrasting papers, but I'm still happy.  See how well the magnets are sticking to my stuff.  Deep sigh!  Are you wondering what that extra container is to the side?  Yep, a regular ol' soup can....not so regular now.  I'll give more details tomorrow.


~The Bargain Babe said...

Super cut set! I love office supplies. :-)

Lauren @ 31diy said...

These are great! What a great way to turn the ordinary into something special and cute.

I have that same shorter round tin thing that I got from Dollar Tree. I wasn't creative enough to think of a way to decorate it - I love yours! Very nice.