Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Scrapbook Wednesday

I want to show you some of the things I made digitally (Heritage Makers).
I LOVE this layout.  It was a template.  I just dragged and dropped my photos in.  Took less than 5 minutes to complete this page.

Don't you love this border?

Here's another one:
I need to start taking pictures in the middle of the day while the light is still good.  This particular page was a fundraiser for our local PTO.  It only cost $5 AND that was the fundraiser cost.  Not  bad. 
This particular page was a quick summary of my summer.  It's hard to summarize in just 4 pictures so I made a book to go with it.  It was the busiest summer of my life and I am glad that while I've had stressful summers since this one, none were quite this hectic nor nearly as full.

Before looking at this next layout, just know that the pictures are not for the faint of heart.  Skip if you're sensitive (I still get heebie jeebies when I look at this).

So, there you have it.  These are the digital pages I have attempted in my life.  I much prefer the templates than coming up with my own.  I think it has something to do with my attention deficit issues.  I also appreciate kits.  Ones that tell me where to put what.  I do like to be creative, but there are many times I just prefer to be told what to do.  So sad, but oh, so true.


Amanda said...

They look great -- I've never done digital scrapbooking before. I've done regular scrapbooking. But I'm SOOOO far behind I just might need to start with the digital. :)


Jen @ said...

Very cute! I have always wanted to try digital scrapbooking. So fun!


Rob and Marseille said...

ouch! what did she do to get that cut?

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

She did it when we stilled lived in Rexburg. 1am in the morning and she fell out of her bed (day bed with trundle underneath). We think she hit the trundle frame when she fell out and maybe scrapped it on a spring? Shem was the one who woke up and started bringing her to us. So sweet! And so very gross.

Jaime said...

So, I've been debating lately about my family documenting job--I think I'm done with scrapbooks, but digital scrapbooking...that's something I could wrap my head around. You've inspired me. :)

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

Jaime, you should totally give it a go. Go to and play around with it. You can do your own or use the templates. It doesn't cost to use the program, only when you publish. Thanks for visiting my blog!

Anonymous said...

I love digital scrapbooking too, and now am forcing myself to still do it the paper way sometimes to use up some of my supplies! :-) Cute pages!