Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sunday Review

Let me start out by doing some housekeeping here.  I am trying to organize my craft room but am not carrying that forward to the rest of my life, let alone this blog.  SO, like any good organizational nut, I am going to make a list.  Each day of the week, I will aim to accomplish some particular area and will then use that day to blog about it.  But it doesn't do any good if I don't put it in writing for the whole world to see (or at least you).  Here goes:

Sunday: Sunday review: post pictures of what my room looks like; the good, the bad, and even the clutter.  ALSO, I want to see what you've been up to, so link up whatever it is that you've been up and I will feature my favorite project from the week before.

Monday: Crafts from the Past Monday's : I will show you something I made...long before I ever started this blog (which really hasn't been that long).

Tuesday: Organize that Mess Tuesday: This is where I will either go through a container or put up shelves, or WHATEVER. But in some way, I will organize and then share what I learned with pictures. Gotta remember the pictures. I will give any tips that I picked up along the way.

Wednesday:  Scrappy Crafty Giveaway Wednesday:  I most likely won't have giveaways every week, but for the weeks that I do, I will save them for Wednesday.  I will also show you what I've scrapbooked. 

Thursday:  Leftover Thursday:  I'll allow myself an extra craft day or a show off day, or maybe I just need to vent to someone ( you don't mind, do you?).

Friday:  Fabulous Find-out How Fridays:  Yep, I will show you fun craft I have come up with and give you the step-by-step, no matter how simple it might be.

Saturday:  Sharing Saturdays: I will feature a project from another blog that I found absolutely irresistable.  If you are interested in being featured, contact me!

Now on to the update.  I've been busy this week.  I've dumped, and crafted, and worked really hard to get things ready for MY FAVORITE THINGS party.  I'll show off after the party, cause in case any of party girls are watching, I don't want them to see what they're getting.  So, what I'm trying to say, it's messy.  Even worse than last week.  I won't give up cause I have all of you holding me accountable, but I figured that every great artist somestimes  are to busy being artsy to clean up.  Ummm....right?  I'm going to skip the picture this week.  I know, I know...feels like I'm cheating.  But, there are too many projects started and I don't want to give them away, so no picture this week. 
Here's my favorite link this week:
A Berry Easy Tree (The Sweet Spot)
I've got a berry wreath that has start to fall apart.  I'd love to try something like this with the berries that have fallen off.

I hope everybody thinks twice before throwing out their "garbage."  My mother-in-law would shutter if she heard me say that.  I'm not saying to save up all your junk, but if there's another use for it, DO IT.  Whether it's donating or recycling, or my favorite, upcycling.  Thanks everybody and DON'T FORGET TO LINK up what you've been working on.

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Tammy said...

Thank you so much for the feature! What an honor! I love everything you do and to have you like what I do makes me feel so special! Thanks again!

Christina @ The Tattered Tag said...

Happy to be your first link up this week, thanks for hosting. I see on your profile that you are in Casper, I grew up in Cheyenne. My husband's military career has us moving, but Wyoming is still home. :)