Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Two Days After Christmas Fun

It's a tradition for me....every year, the day after Christmas, I hit the stores looking for after-Christmas sales on all the Christmas items and candies.  Here's what I got this year:

I checked all the stores for these ornaments.  They all had them, just not for a price I was willing to pay.  Then I saw these beauts at Walmart.  The stack of 4 was 50 cents.  I can do 50 cents. 
I LOVE these pink ornaments.  They were a set of 18 for $2.50.  Wahoo!  I'm going to do something for Valentines/Easter with these.  Don't know what, but I'm sure it'll be amazing!
3 folders for 50 cents.  I figured I would use them for my Pampered Chef business.  Class it up a bit.
I've been wanting magnets for a while.  I saw them at Hobby Lobby but for more than I wanted to pay.  These were at Walmart and the price was right.
And of course there's the candy.  $1.25 for a bag of M&M's?!!  Nothing like stocking up to save some dollars.
This was my first trip into Hobby Lobby in 9 years.  YEP!  9 YEARS!!!  I love this store and forgot just how great it was.  This brag book is so cool.  It looks like a wallet with the little snap.  I can't wait to put my pictures in it.  The trees are cupcake toppers.  They were 50% off but I figured there were plenty of uses (besides cupcakes).  I know, I sorda broke a rule by buying stuff, but after Christmas is the only time to buy Christmas stuff.  I also bought some wrapping paper.  I tried getting the least Christmas looking paper I could find so I could use it for birthdays throughout the year.  It was a good day.  First time I've been shopping for fun in a long time.


gigi123 said...

LOL it took every ounce of energy in me to keep from buying all those cute ornaments that were on sale at Target....but I broke down and bought 3 individual ones. lol hey they were cute and half off!

Lauren @ 31diy said...

You are so smart to take advantage of the after Christmas sales. I'm usually broke by Dec 26. :D