Sunday, January 9, 2011

Home but out of Sync

I am home.  It feels so to be back to a my own bed, my own kitchen, and MY OWN CAR.  I have no come home in the best of health.  I have no hearing in my right ear because it is stuffed up.  I've taken Tylenol and Cold Medicine so it doesn't hurt.....just clogged and can't hear.  Plus, I gave myself a minor sprain in the ankle.  It's fine now, but I can't say that I have the best of luck. 

For Christmas, I got a sander from my in-laws.  I am so excited to try this out on my kitchen table, numorous dressers, and even my piano.  Here's some pictures of redone pianos out there:

How cool is this?!!

Simple, but I love it.

I LOVE this color!

4 comments: said...

HI New follower here! I loved that you posted these piano's. My grandma was a pretty darn good artist and play several instrument and could draw and paint. She fancy painted her piano back in the day in a pretty cream color and beautifully painted roses on it. Gorg.
And what a great canvas a piano is huh? Nice and big.

Looking forward to checking out the rest of your blog.
Would love to have you come by and join me as well.
Take care.

karen said...

I am nominating you for a stylish bloggers award for all your great crafts! see the rules on my blog

I'm Not a Trophy Wife said...

hi there- i'm a new follower. i saw your blog listed as a blog to follow, so here I am... would you visit me and follow along..

Mom Taxi Julie said...

We had an old piano and I played with the idea. I ended up just giving it away on Craigslist though since no one really played it and I wanted to move the furniture around!