Friday, January 14, 2011

Scout Box

My 8-yr-old has tons of little trinkets, buckles, and badges from scouts.  They get misplaced before I ever get a chance to put them on his uniform.  Then, when I do find them, I often forget where I put them.  Thus, the vicious cycle.  SO, I decided to redo a box from Christmas and turn it into his scout box that could house all those scouting treasures until I have put them where they really belong.

I started with this box.  Tacky any time of the year.  It was time for the change.

I picked out some solid color paper that matched the colors of scouts.  Tiger Cubs (before 8-yrs-old) is orange and blue.  I also see yellow a lot so added that just in case.

I would be using these pictures.  I'm  hoping I'm not the one who took them because they are super poor quality.  Maybe this was when I had my old camera?  Maybe the lighting was poor.  Maybe, no matter what I had done, the pictures would turn out bad.  No matter.  I'm going to use them on this project.

I painted the edgings of the box so the stripes wouldn't show through the seams of the paper.  Course, I did this AFTER I had already glued the paper down and realized that it needed done.  Carefully took all the paper off and got painting.
And there you go.  Nothing super dooper fancy, but perfect for my little scout.  Now let's see if if does what it's supposed to do.....


Chastina said...

What a great idea! I may "borrow" this to make school boxes for my kids.