Monday, June 13, 2011

Preparing an Organized Move

I am determined to make this next move my most painless one to date.  The home we were moving to fell through.  We're sad because the yard was such a great size and it was in a beautiful neighbor.  However, it has given us some more time and less immediate stress.  It also means, I can start now by donating, throwing out, and packing.  I've decided to tackle my daughter's room first.  She apparently is in a giveaway mood because we already have a large box full....and we've only gone through dress-up, doll clothes, and stuffed animals.  She was willing to give away just about everything....and I let her.

Bales of Clothing

Our local church is doing a fundraiser for the girls so they can attend camp; a serious yard sale.  I'll have plenty to donate to the cause.


Liz said...

Sorry to hear it fell through - I hope that means something even better is waiting for you.

Nelly said...

Hope you find something even nicer very soon xx