Thursday, November 25, 2010


Yep!  I'm participating in Black Friday.  I'm sending my husband out in the wee hours of our frozen tundra to snatch up some great, have to have it, deals.  Course, our pocket books are empty.  Hey, it's the end of the month and all the bills have been paid.  BUT, my hubs came up with a brilliant plan.  LAYAWAY!!!  K-Mart and Sears still have it.  How cool is that.  Nope, no pulling out the credit cards to cover our urges.  We are merely doing it the old fashion way and paying for it as we can....and STILL getting the great deals.  I am so super excited I could pee my pants. 

In honor of the season, I am offering my own specials.  I have two Home Based Businesses so I can spend more time doing what I really want, being with my fam.  Read on for the specials:

PAMPERED CHEF:  go HERE to take a look at the online catalog.

#1              Make a wish list and email it to  I will randomly pick one     entry, pick one item from your wishlist and mail it to you.  How fun would that be?!!

#2                     Order $60 or more and get FREE the adjustable measuring spoons AND FREE shipping (must email order to

#3                          20% off EVERY order---no matter when you order on Friday.  No having to wake up early.  That's in honor of my inability to function in the wee hours of the morning
 (again, you have to email your order to 
 That means I am giving up my commissions cause I love you all that much. 

  1. HERITAGE MAKERS:  Let me know that you want to set up a free account ( and I will give you a free card.  The program cost nothing to use and you already have credit towards your first item.  Make a Christmas card or something special for your spouse.  Maybe a letter from Santa to your kids.  IT'S FREE!!!!  Ask about any other specials going on.