Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Fixing Some of Those Clothes

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I made tons of progress today.  I can't show you until Monday, but know that it's good.  Course, don't get too excited.  The room is far from finished.

Today, I pulled out a couple pairs of my sons ripped knee jeans.  I can't believe how quickly they go through pants.  Financially, I can't keep up and practically, it's one hole that doesn't make the pants unwearable.  Sure, I can cut them into shorts, but this is Wyoming and I've got 6 more months til shorts weather.  I wasn't in the mood to hand sew, so I pulled out some fusable webbing or wonder under or whatever that stuff is called.  I used an old pair of pants that were past their wearable stage.  I cut some patches from the old pair of camo jeans, ironed on the fusable webbing and then ironed my "patch" onto the inside of the pants.  Very exciting, I know, but at least I've got two more pairs of pants that my boys can wear.  I should probably fix some more clothes.  But you know, two pair of pants is about my limit in one day.
And here's the finished product:

Yes, you know there's a rip there, but at least snows not seeping in.  PLUS, you should have seen my boys' faces when they saw they are two more wearable pairs of pants.  Hey!  It's an exciting thing in our house.

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