Friday, December 10, 2010

The Crochet Bug

Last year I got started....and I couldn't stop.  I crocheted head wraps for all my fellow secretaries at work. 
This is the 1st one I made.  I didn't have a pattern and I hadn't crocheted in years.  My daughter got to keep this one.  Each one after that got progressively better.
I used to have bins full of yarn.  My grandmother was a crocheter and knitter and she was GOOD. 

(got this right from my Grandma when I was in college)
 When she died, I brought her yarn to my home....and kept it for 4 years before I decided I wasn't going to use it and I gave it away to freecyce land.  That was a little over a year ago now.  Then, I was invited to a girl's night where they crocheted.  At that point, I kicked myself and bought some more yarn.  At least I knew the yarn was getting used.  Through the months, I gradually found yarn that had been stashed in random boxes.  Yea!  And I bought some.
My daughter told me she wanted me to make her a dress.  Was she serious?!!  Does a 4-yr-old ever joke around?  She was serious and she would remind me daily.  So, I made something up. 
Yes, she is that sassy.  She thinks she's a model.  Check out the crown I made it.  She wears it proudly.
On this dress (and the crown) I just made it up--whatever my crochet hook, yarn, and I came up with.  I figured it could be a long shirt as she grows.  I also made her a matching bag.  I have no idea where it is at this moment, but I do love it! 
I have attempted some patterns and would love to try some more.  It's hard!
I started this glove and just never finished.  I hate that part of me.  I get bored and move on.  I WANT to make the other glove....just not right now.  I guess it also wouldn't hurt to finish this one.
This one is for my husband.  He's gotta big head.
Just playing around.  Still haven't finished it off.
But the projects that give me the most instanst gratification?
The flowers.  There are so many types that can be made and I can slide them on headbands, put a bobby pin through them and put on my head, use as a brooch, whatever!  And they only take 10 minutes.  Well, they don't take me 10 minutes, but maybe someone. 

So now I'm wondering when that bug will hit me again cause I'm not feeling it now.  Maybe if I had the perfect easy pattern and .could make a cute owl or something.  Now that would be fun!


Chastina said...

I love G's pic! Precious!

Yanet @ 3 Sun Kissed Boys said...

I love the white hat with the rosette. Looks like you're getting as good as grandma!

Rob and Marseille said...

at our ward christmas party last night there were some nativity sets. someone crocheted one! and rachel is making a star wars set

Beth @ Sand To Pearl said...

Love the pictures of your daughter, mine is the same way. You are super talented! I tried but since they take so long I have no patience for them.

Aaron & Lauren said...

Holy cow you crocheted (is that how you spell it?) your daughter a dress. That is awesome!