Sunday, December 19, 2010

Girl's Night: Making Gingerbread Houses out of....graham crackers

I just set up new new schedule last week and already am going off schedule.  No worries, I will return.  I just figured I've gotta share all my Christmas activities now...before Christmas is already over.

Every week, we have a girl's night.  With the holiday's, we haven't been as good about meeting, but we decided to get in one more activity before Christmas.  We usually meet to do some sort of activity.  Often, we craft and talk.  Once, we decorated cookies for Halloween (it's amazing how fast cookies can disappear), last week we wrapped gifts.  Not everybody comes every week, but it's nice to know it's there  especially when your day has consisted of cranky children and a messy house.  This week, the idea was offered by Lauralee, the home by me.   I provided graham crackers, Lauralee made her amazingly cementy frosting (she's a cake decorator), and the rest brought some sort of edible item to use as adornment.  Here you go and have an amazingly wonderful Sunday!

Jaime from Everyday Art.

We worked with what we have and I have to say I LOVE what people came up with.

Lauralee had a kit she was wanting to make...just not all by herself.  Some things are just much funner when done with friends.

Here's Tiffany.  She pulled off her house in half the time as the rest of us.  Very impressive.

This sister duo had a competition going on with eachother.  One was the multi-level home complete with snowman and family.  The other, a cathedral with bells.  Look closely, it's all there.  Crazy cool!

My husband was gracious enough to come down at 11pm to help with pictures. 
This is what happens when you use a flash....and skip the zoom.  It's all good.

Now here is my masterpiece......
There comes a point when every artist needs to know when to stop.   I didn't know when to stop.  But I couldn't stop thinking of the fact that someone will be eating this so I had better lather it all on.  Sometimes, it's not about the's about the conversations you have while creating....and the eating.  I love the eating!

The next day, my son got started on his own.  It took him 2 days to gather all his needed supplies.  As soon as he finished it, he smashed it!  And ate it.  Believe me, it was worth it!!!

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Amanda Kuzak said...

What a fun girls night, I wish I lived closer!

Chastina said...

What fun! I love your hair.

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

The haircut was free if I donated it so that's what I did. Got a drastic cut and they did all the work for me.

Emily & Jaime said...

And what fun we had! :)