Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Organizing a Corner

Believe it or not, I have been working on this all day.  I've allowed myself plenty of breaks here and there, played church, school, and neighbor with my preschooler who has the next 3 weeks off.  Good times...good times....  Here's what the corner looked like at the beginning of the day (so proud I actually remembered to take the picture):
You can see that I'm dealing with a lot of containers.  My goal was to go through the containers and try to combine several of them.  I still don't have the shelving space I need....maybe next month, so I have to find a way to compact or relocate.  After all that work and plenty of organization,  here's what I ended up with:
Yes, I need a vacuum again, but not the priority at the moment.  See my shelves.  I have no idea where the pole thingies are.  Kinda making me crazy if you want to know the truth. 
Yea!  I have a window seat under all that.
One day, I might even craft me padding for this little nook.  I've always dreamt of window seating.  I would be reading the most wonderful of books, occasional glancing out the panelled window at whatever wonderful view awaited me.  One step closer.

But, in an attempt to keep it real, I feel I need to show you another view of the room:
I did empty several containers.  3 smaller one and 2 larger ones.  Improvement, I promise.  Besides, what fun would it be if I were finished with my challenge?  My "art" on the wall comes from my grandma's home.  She started these and I just can't stand the idea of taking them apart.  It's just a part of her that I can keep.
For now, I will dream of the shelving that will rescue me from this abyss.  See all those baskets begging to get used?  Not much longer.


Toni said...

Great work! I have an organizing blog and would love for you to link up to todays organizing party!



Britt said...

I think Chris needs to buy you shelves for Christmas!!!

Autumn said...

Great job tackling all those boxes! Thanks for keeping it real and sharing an in-progress project. Can't wait to see the finished room!

Becky@Organizing Made Fun said...

I think it's best just to work a little at a time. You did great and can already see progress!

Becky B.

Chrystie said...

You came to visit me today, so I came by to say thanks! I liked what I saw & became your newest follower! :) I think your craft room is an improvement! Love the window seat! I love that you hang your grandmother's starts of something on your wall to remind you of her, very neat idea! I recently did a craft room clean up linky party challenge. I also make scrapbooks & cards out of things that would get tossed or recycled, so looks like we have some interests in common! :) Thanks again for stopping by! I'm glad to have found you! :)

Sandy Jenney said...

Thanks for linking to my Organizing Mission Monday link party!
Funny, people watch some of the organizing shows on TV and think that in a time span of a couple hours they can have the perfect space. lol
You made some great progress.... I often forget to take before pictures too... so good job!

Rob and Marseille said...

i think the looms (is that what they are called?) are a great wall hanging. I think you should cut the yarn roll off, but I like the look.