Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Let me just preface with this: you should never do something just so you can get something in return.  What I find amazing is just how often I do end up getting something in return anyway.

While we were on vacation, we offered our home to a family who was in town unexpectedly.  We didn't really know them, but knew enough to know that we would feel perfectly safe having them stay here. 

When we got home, the house was cleaner than we left it and there was more food in the fridge than we had had when we left.  They even left us a wondeful note with flowers.  All more than I could have dreamed of.  But that's not what the biggest blessing was.  The day after we got back, we got a call asking if we would like a dryer.  In-laws had bought her sister a new washer/dryer set and they no longer needed what they had before.  Here's a picture of what she was using while staying at our home:

This is a picture of our dryer in our garage.  It is 9-years-old and has made 5 moves with us.  That duct tape is literally holding the side onto the front.  If I didn't have that there, all the air would excape.  As it was, it took 2-3 hours to dry a load of clothes.  We kept it because we couldn't afford another one.  As long as the clothes eventually dried, it didn't make our priority list.

In came this dryer:

I can be a humble person, so while I know this isn't newest, top of the line dryer, it dries and I am the happiest little camper!  And there are so many choices and knobs.  Very exciting for me.  How grateful I am that this family was willing to stay in our home and how even more grateful I am that they called us. 
Thank you, Johnson family (and in-laws)!


Chastina said...

Wow! What a great surprise. A good used dryer can be the best.

Mom Taxi Julie said...

That's so nice! First that you let them stay in your house and then that they were able to get you a new dryer. Good Karma all the way around :)

Liz said...

How lovely :)