Tuesday, January 11, 2011

My Husband, the Saint-Now There's Room for Two

My husband has another week until he has to go back to work and he's feeling motivated.  He has been amazing since we've been home.  My youngest requires a lot of personal attention and he's been giving it to her, in the form of playing dolls and barbie.com.  I've fallen in love all over again.

Today, he felt the need to make room for both cars in our garage.  He told me to get a blanket and go read.  I willingly obliged.
Look!  Two cars.  Isn't it beautiful?!!  Yes, that is snow.  I'm sure it will eventually melt.  Eventually. 

Look--there's even room to get out.  I can still imagine my kids taking a wide swing and wacking the bbq.  I'll have to take a look and see if there's a better spot for it.

Even some wiggle room inbetween the two cars.  Heaven.

No, this is not an illusion.  There is very little room on this side.  Some of those boxes are going to my husband's office.  I've got a box spring for freecycle and then the rest just needs moved.  Luckily, the kids are small enough to get through.  I just sent my son out there to bring in the hammers before anybody could drive over them.  Good thing I took the picture so I knew it was there ;).

But the best part is not having to scrape windows in the morning.  No more trugging the kids through the snow with their musical instruments and backpacks.  I feel at peace.  Thank you, hubby!


Tiffany said...

what a sweet hubby! Can he come have a little motivational chat with my hubby? Please?

Mom Taxi Julie said...

I have never ever parked my car in the garage. My husband thinks they are only for cars that don't run.

Chastina said...

To be able to fit my vehicle in my garage would be heavenly. Unfortunately whoever built this house didn't take anything bigger than a car into mind when building the garage.

Lyndee @ A Recovering Craft Hoarder said...

I often wonder what some builders were thinking when they made a house. There are a lot of things that don't make sense to me. Luckily, while the van is big, it's not terribly wide, just long so both cars fit.