Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Valentine Rapunzel

I started this project a couple weeks ago and lost my steam.  As soon as my first batch of tissue paper ran out, I quit.  It still sits as the center piece of my dining room table. 

My daughter helped me with this project.  We had different visions.  Mine was to completely cover the foams with tissue paper.  Hers was to make Rapunzel.  I might have broken her heart just a teeny bit when I told her I could get the little squares to make her hair long.  My friend suggest yarn.  It was besides the point.  Here's our.....finished project then.  As finished as it will probably get before Valentines.  Meet Valentine Rapunzel.
I will say, her dress is a bit fuller now.  Still not to the modest level though.  Maybe by the 4th of July?


Chris H. said...

Geneva looks so focused. It does look good on our table.