Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Closet Update

With a little rearranging and using some shelves I purchased in an auction with the wood, I made myself a bit more storage and love it.  It works perfectly for my purposes and gets a lot of my things off the ground.





Pretty, isn't it.  I'm not completely disillusioned.  This is by no means my dream storage solution but I am horribly thrilled with the price tag.  This all came for the wood I won at an auction for the grand total of $13 plus some change.  The shelves aren't the same level.  Annoying but fixable.  I used a couple of my books to adjust the height.

  Want to hear something sad?  I'm relocating everything to my basement so my  9-yr-old old son can have his own room.  Why his own room?  Nobody wants to share with him anymore.  Normally I would make someone tough it out but this kid is a slob.  His poor older brother who has been sharing with him is going bonkers.  Also, this same younger brother also likes to antagonize his big brother at nights, keeping him awake much later than my sanity can take.  So, I'm using this week to rearrange.  I'm already exhausted!  There are very few electical outlets in the basement, but I'm trying to improvise.  Also, it's a lot of stairs.  I'm good with calling it my aerobic exercise for the day (yeah, cause I exercise every other day?).  I'll be sore in the morning but there's still so much to do.  It looks depressing in there now, but at least there's a bed.  This had better work cause I'm not rearranging anymore!  Oh, now....now my 5-yr-old is crying because she wants to move in.  I can never win.


Flamenco92627 said...

Aaah, family dynamics. Your shelves look like they hold a bunch of stuff!

Rob and Marseille said...

there comes a time when it's just easier for everyone to have there own room. I think our laundry room is big enough for a twin bed when that happens ;)

Melissa Atkinson said...

Lyndee, the shelves look great! I can't believe how handy you are!! And you do know that as soon as your done moving the boys they will miss each other and want to do sleep overs in each others rooms?! Teheee:)Kids!

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