Monday, March 28, 2011

One Big Sob Fest

What a week! There was the Pinewood Derby, home sales party, volunteering, homework, and to top it off, my husband and I spoke in church on Sunday.  So I was sitting on the stand, feeling fairly prepared when in walked a family I hadn't seen in 3 months.  On Christmas Eve, they were out skiing when a snowboarder ran full speed into mom and 5-year-old daughter.  The daughter and snowboarder were killed and mom has been in the hospital and rehabilitation up until this week.  When I saw them walk in and she smiled up at me, I broke.  I felt my lips quivering, my husband noticed I was no longer singing and I knew there was no hope for me.  My husband assures me I didn't cry the whole way through, but I don't believe him.  For a person who keeps their emotions very private, to have a full congregation staring up at me and watching me was quite humbling.  What does this have to do with my recovering craft hoarding?  Nothing at all.  I just haven't recovered from my week.  I've got some great spring decorations up and have been trying my hand at sewing.  Can't wait to show you.  But first, I'll have to take some pictures.  It'll be an awesome week!


Judy said...

Lately, every time I talk in church, I just bawl through the whole thing. It is hard having your emotions made so public suddenly and all of these people who know you are wondering what's wrong. I think I would have started bawling too...what a hard thing for that family to have gone through!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

That is very hard, I cry in church talks AND prayers. I try to avoid it as much as I can.

I actually came by to day to tell you how impressed I am with how great you have been doing here with your blog and would like to invite you to be a featured guest blogger at Everyday Mom Ideas. Just let me know if your interested and we will set up a date.

Melissa Atkinson said...

Lyndee.....what a great post. Thanks for sharing and don't worry.....Its good to just let it out sometimes!