Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Turning a Potential Food Dump into Something Useful

Ever have one of these?


We actually got two bags of leftover rolls from a church party.  We tried having them for dinner with our soup on Sunday but they were SO dry.  I hate the idea of waste.  HATE it!  So, on Monday, I pulled out my rolls:


.....dug out my food processer and wiped off the dust (sometimes you just need to be reminded that you have some of these cool tools):


I just pulled apart my rolls (in half) and put them in.  It was so pull turning the dial and watching those rolls being ripped apart.  I dumped my rolls into a bowl (a baggy would have worked just that I think about it)


and put it into the freeze.  I've got bread crumbs ready to go.  Meatloaf, chicken crust, top of our homemade mac and cheese....and I didn't have throw anything out. 


Debbie in Nashville said...

What a great idea1 I hate throwing away food too, but love that you came up with something to do with the rolls!

Have a great day!

Melissa Atkinson said...

Lyndee, What a great idea! I use bread crumbs all the time so having some on hand in the freezer would be great. This is an idea I will definitely be using. Also, I have the best bread pudding recipe if you like bread pudding that is great for day or couple day old hard bread. My husband doesn't even like bread pudding and he loves this recipe. Let me know if you ever want to try it!