Friday, October 21, 2011

A Boy's Obsession: Buckyballs

Jeepers!  I forgot about how quickly fad come to chose in middle school.  My son seems to come home obsessing about something.  Here's his latest:


Have you heard of them.  They look like teeny silver beads except they are superduper magnetic.  Using money saved over from the summer, he purchased his first set...216 balls.  I was a skeptic.  But look at what he created in less then 1/2 hour.

Can you see the little details in there.  The kids an artist.

Every crafter mom's dream in a child.

The Scuba Diver

This is his storing position.  He cubes his balls and stores them in a small box.  He had me try them and I understand.  It's frustrating, but I understand.  We were talking about these things for weeks.  I hate following trends.  I like to march to my own beat.  But, these are cool.  If you are looking for a fun Christmas idea for your older kids, I dare say, this is a good one.


Nelly said...

Looks like fun but would only last half a day in my house I bet lol

Brooke Anna @ Mommy Does... said...

I really like these as well! They would be great to have to my classroom!

piggywhistles said...

I would just love these for myself! I'm sure you could use them to create all types of designs. What a clever son you have!

Cranberry Morning said...

Yep, I think you've got a really creative kid there! Cool. :-)

Marji Roy said...

I love my Bucky Balls also, and my super magnets, and the marble maze on my fridge. I love your sense of geometry. Keep exploring.