Monday, November 14, 2011

End of Semester...I'll be back!

The end of my first full-time semester in over 11 years is quickly coming to an end.  I am so looking forward to having all my assignments turned in.  As it stands, my house is a wreck, but I'm at least on track with my homework.  I might be kind of scarce for the next few weeks as I finish up all my projects and assignments, but know that I'll be back!


Jamie & Jake said...

Kind of random question. Do you go to The Art Institute? I just recently critiqued a paper who was just going back to school full time after 11 years and I want to say her name was Lyndee.

The British Homemaker said...

I found your blog today and I've totally loved spending some time reading! :)

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

Man do I ever understand! lol... Good job with school!