Friday, May 18, 2012

I'm Baaa-aaack!

I did it!  I survived my 19 credit semester.  You want to know the crazy thing?  I met a lot of other students with more credits than me.  Some crazy, single mother was currently taking 28 credits.  Is that even possible?!! Kuddos to that amazing woman.  I pulled off a 4.0, which I was very thrilled about.  I still remember the first day of classes and my professor asking our anxiety level.  Mine was SUPER high, not knowing what to expect.  We ate a lot of frozen pizzas and other quick meals, but the family toughed it out.  I've already started summer classes, but my consolation is that nothing will be as difficult as this past semester.  With that said, I am back to blogging.  I will probably start out slowly before diving back in.  

Here's a project I made for my mother.  Keep in mind, it's not fantastically decorated, but it's an idea you can take and run with.  Make it your own.  Add as many or as little to it as you like.  

My mom had told me that she would love something that had an updated list over everybody's birthday.  I had made her something several years before, and she had loved it.  To be honest, I think she was being kind and trying to give me a way that I wouldn't have to spend money on her for a gift.  And I must say, while the pressure can be higher with a handmade gift, I so prefer to give and receive these types of gifts.  They feel more meaningful to me.  BACK TO THE GIFT!  

I went to my basement and found paper that would work for each of the 12 months.  Those would be the dividing pages.

I have an awesome munch I use for the tabs.  I just hand wrote each of the months.  It would be super cute stamped or printed out using fun fonts, but this is what I did.  I used several regular note cards and put about three behind each month.  then I cinched it.  


Just think of how much cuter this would be with embellishments!

Could you humor me?  I'm curious to see if I still have any readers.  I would be SO appreciative if you could leave me a comment...even just saying you saw this post.  Thank you!

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Unknown said...

I think this is a CUTE idea!!
I would include their address to have everything handy for mailing a card.

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