Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Vintage Revivals-HELP!!!

I am SO sick of being a renter.  I live in the middle of Wyoming.  You wanna know how much I pay for rent?!!  $1300.  You might think that's not bad.  It wouldn't be if I had something to answer for it.  I have no yard and no square footage.  Our unfinished basement and un-fenced "backyard" has what has kept me sane.  

But the time has come to make a big change.  We need to get out of our rental and buy a home.  I am unhappy in this house.  I live in a crowded neighborhood.  I do not feel like I am home, yet this is where we have settled.  This is where I want to be happy.  But it is hard to be happy when I can't plant my roots.

We still own a home in Idaho and it has brought with it a lot of expense.  That means that there is not a lot of money saved up for a down payment for a new home and certainly not enough for any home renovations.  Every home we look at in our price range needs some TLC.  Let me show you what I mean:

This is our family favorite at the moment.  We love the floorplan in this house, but it lacks any character.  The bones are great, but it's a bit.....vaBlah!

I would LOVE for Mandi from Vintage Revivals to come and help make my new, though kinda old, house into a home.  Every thing Mandi touches turns to gold....or something equally dazzling.  I love her work and every time I see her work, I feel all giddy inside.  

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