Thursday, March 24, 2011

Sitting on the Fence

I didn't do any crafting today. Instead, I made 12 dozen chocolate chip cookies so my 9-year-old son could sale them and use that money for a helmet he's wanting to use for Hero day at school. He's been working for 3-days now and earned the money he needed, with $6 to spare. I even had him pay be back for all the supplies and set aside 10% for charity. Yea! It was great to see him working so hard for something he really wanted.

In the meantime, this same child pointed out this creature on our fence and I HAD to take a picture. It's taken on the inside of the glass because we didn't want to scare him away.

(ignore the nasty tennis court in the background--it will have to be a family project to clean it out cause it's quite the eyesore).
Just moments after I snapped this shot, it took off. Turns out a neighborhood cat also spotted the cutie. No worries, it got away.


Melissa Atkinson said...

I love that you baked for him and what a valuable lesson to earn what you want!! You are an amazing mother!!!

Rob and Marseille said...

he got it?! yay!! pictures on hero day please!