Monday, May 2, 2011

I Would Really Love Your Vote!!!

Okay, it's time to vote.  I really need your help.  Go HERE to vote.  I'm #59 and would love your vote!  I won't force you, but I sure would love you FOREVER!!!

Do you ever feel like no matter what you do, no matter how many amazingly wonderful the crafts you make are, that a space still feels....empty? Not like uncluttered empty, but like it's lacking something? That's how I feel about my space. I love my home but I feel like a renter. I am a renter, so that's not terribly surprising, but I want to feel like I'm home and not like I'm borrowing a house for a bit.


This is my living room.  I would love to make it feel more cozy and less like I'm trying to fit all my furniture into one space.  I'd love to figure out a better way to display the television and hide all the cords.  I'd love to update the look of my piano. 


And speaking of love, I love my red couch but the fabric is outdated and falling apart.  We have this big open space in the middle but the perimeter is packed to the gills.


The living room opens to the dining room.  I actually like the layout of the home, but not the layout of the furniture. 

Here's my bedroom.  I was sorting through some papers and had yet to have put them away.  Notice the sleeping bag on the ground?  Our children have been visiting us for the past three nights due to a long weekend.  I love the size of our bedroom.  Very spacious....but very boring.


Check out this blank wall.  A whole wall of blankness.  It's screaming for attention but I'm afraid to mess it up.


You like my daughter's room there in the corner.  I'm thinking it needs tackled today.  Cleaning, I can do.  Making this room a haven is a bit more difficult.

Do you have a space in your home you feel could use some expertise?  Because I want to share the love and opportunity with everybody, check out:


A Bee In My Bonnet - Leslie Anne said...

How about a large area rug in the living room, and for the wall, one of those wreaths made of rolled up music pages - or better yet, get some French newspapers and use them!

The rug will make a world of difference & gather it all together.

The wreath, if large enough, will fill the space nicely. Or you could go 'flea marketing' or some such place, and find some old things that you like and hang them together on the wall in a grouping (if you're allowed to do that!)

Leslie Anne (not a professional)

Gloria Fox @ Potentially Beautiful said...

I feel your pain. I also rent and although I do my best to make my home my own, it is a bit more difficult since there are limitations to what we can do.

Although I love fireplaces, sometimes it makes it difficult to place a television without losing the focal point of the fireplace. It also seems there isn't much wall space in your living room for the television. I can't tell for sure, but is there room on the wall just past your stairs for your piano? Moving over there may allow you to move the sofa in towards the fireplace a little to create a more intimate space in the living room. I agree with Leslie Anne that a rug may also help unify the space.

I have a big blank wall in my bedroom also and have put up a few ledge shelves and decorated. They take up a lot of visual space but are narrow and don't intrude into the room too much. Check it out on my blog.

Good luck in the giveaway...its an awesome one and Mandi is awesome!

Tiffany said...

Good Luck Lyndee! Mandi is awesome and I love her style! I would love to enter this but as as renter as well, I'm very very limited on what I can do here.
Plus I kinda don't want to put a huge amount of effort into a room when until we actually have our own house and can do whatever we want with it...

Mandi @ Vintage Revivals said...

So much potential lady!! Seriously do you know how awesome this could be? Thanks for linking up and good luck cuteness!

Love your guts