Tuesday, May 10, 2011

This Clutch Kicked My Toosh

I went to:


to try my hand at this:

Holy crudoli, that was hard!  Hard for me.  I'm going to try my hands at making some more now that I have one under my belt.  I actually LOVE the material I used.  I found it at Salvation Army for 95 cents.  Wahoo!  I'm not allowed to buy any more fabric.  Gotta use up what I now have (for reals, I was using clothing scraps before and those have about run out).  


I've got pockets and everything in it. I'm giving my first one to a friend. I told her I'd make her a wallet and that it might not be the prettiest thing she ever saw, but I would give it a go. And I did!


My next one will be even better.


Dee said...

How clever to use fabric scrapes!
Your new clutch looks terrific!


Chris said...

Great job, Lyndee! The first one is always the hardest. Watch out...making these gets addicting. :)

Amanda said...

Well done, it looks wonderful!

Everyday Mom Ideas said...

I love the orange! Its my favorite color!

Anna said...

Great job! I saw that tutorial too and loved it but you are much braver than I am. I don't think mine would even look that good. :) Thanks for linking it up to the Weekend Warrior!


Tiff @ Making The World Cuter said...

Cute! :)

Jennifer said...

1. I love repurposed fabric, I shop at thrift stores for fabric all the time!

2. This clutch turned out really good-- kudos to you for trying it, because I'm still super intimidated by them. I featured you today on my favorite things :)


Tammy said...

Great job! Love you fabric choice!! Thanks for sharing it with us :)

Rob and Marseille said...

wait, where's the tutorial? i want to make one! (a small one...just bigger than a credit card)

Rob and Marseille said...

i hope you check this...i know its an old post