Monday, January 2, 2012

2012! Here I come....

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I'm not one of those that's embarrassed about my age.  Each year I'm excited to be another year wiser....and believe me, each year I have much that I've learned.  This year, thanks to Jenny Meyerson at

 I have made a list of 35 things I want to do by the time I'm 35.  I'm debating, even as I type this whether to post that list or not.  It might be might point out that I haven't done certain things up to this point.  But, I'm real, if anything.  I'm 35 and I am not a size 12.  So here's my 35 things...

35 Things I want to do before I'm 35.......

  1. be a size 12
  2. document each day of the year 2012
  3. visit at least 3 states I've never visited with my family
  4. make/purchase Christmas gifts for people throughout the year so I'm already by my birthday
  5. be able to jog a full mile without stopping
  6. have an organized kitchen
  7. have enough frozen meals in the freezer to cover us for 2 weeks
  8. be nicer
  9. be more outgoing
  10. blog more regularly
  11. set up an efficient chore system
  12. set up a NOT eating out reward system
  13. reach $15,000 in Pampered Chef career sales
  14. raft down the Platte River
  15. read 35 books
  16. organize my filing cabinet
  17. pay off one of my debts
  18. get up to 500 followers on my blog
  19. redo my china cabinet
  20. paint Geneva's bed
  21. go on 12 dates with Chris
  22. make a shelving unit with my wood and tools
  23. get 30 credits closer to my teaching degree—by the end the winter 2012 semester
  24. plant some flowers
  25. have a weekly craft challenge and achieve it
  26. go on 4 dates with each of my children
  27. make a cute school folder that is also functional
  28. fix the brakes on the car
  29. fix the brakes on the van
  30. make a list of house must-haves and must-nots
  31. make a “logo” notebook
  32. refinish the boy's dresser
  33. declutter my bedroom of all extra boxes
  34. visit Utah
  35. refinish the couch pillows

    So there you have it.  I'm two days into the new year and so far on task.  ;) My daily post are simple. Here's yesterday's:
    1/1/2012 Denver Broncos Lose to Kansas City Chiefs 7-3

    We spent much of the day with football going on in the background. Despite the Broncos loss, they will continue into the play-offs; it all depended on the Raiders losing their game, and they did. Whew!!!

    Now I need to find a fun way to display it.  Meaning, what type of formatting do I want to do?  Do I print the picture and hand-write the journaling?  Do I do two days to a page and print off?  I prefer a 3-D method so probably won't do it that way.  I figured if I at least get it on the computer, I won't get behind.  So what are some of your most do's?


Liz said...

I love your list!

Melissa Atkinson said...

Ok so I love this!! I might just have to copy and do my own 35 things to do before I am 35. Do you mind? I also love your list!!

Jenny Meyerson said...

Lyndee- thanks so much for your kind words and compliments. I will be checking in and rooting you on. I can't wait to see the logo notebook and the special dates you will have with your husband and children will just make you smile. Life is short and I'm so glad I influenced you to make your list. Just plain awesome. Go Lyndee go!

Anonymous said...

Greetings from Southern California

Great list! #18... you can have some of mine if you want them :-)

I am Your Newest Follower

Have a Nice Day :-)

Anonymous said...

I love your list and I'm glad you shared it! It makes me feel good that I posted my list to! There's always a certain amount of anxiety when you share something personal, so it makes me happy to know I'm not the only worrisome person! Beautiful list and good luck with it!